My friend Oceane from Australia viewing the Olympic Rain Forest for the first time.

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Let's take a look at natural, healthy ecosystems. Plants grow quite well in these systems, without any sort of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or human influence. It's the biology in the soil and on the leaf surface that allows for this exceptional growth and suppression of disease. As a society we are now being forced to consider our impact on the world and how we can begin to incorporate these natural practices without the use of chemcials. If you're unsure about the dangers of chemicals and their impact on our environment, check out the "Why Organic?" section. Many gardeners are now establishing organic and sustainable practices right in their own backyard. By caring for our soil and the life in the soil, we're allowing the plant to be in control.

The Redwoods in California, the Amazon Rainforest, and Yellowstone National Park are all good examples of how the proper biology in our soil can grow exceptionally large, disease-resistant, and healthy plants.

This site is dedicated to people interested in learning about gardening with beneficial microorganisms. It is based upon the theory of the soil food web, and incorporates the use of these organisms in our soils, turf, and plants. On this site I will be testing different products and posting videos of the microbiology produced by different commercial products. I hope to provide a good reference site for beginners who are interested in learning more!

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