KIS Organics - A one stop shop for organic amendments!

KIS Farm - Our brick and mortar store. We are an edible nursery, organic hydro shop, and farm and feed store.

Keep It Simple, Inc. - My company that sells lab tested compost tea brewers and other organic bio-amendments.

Natural Yard Care - Good yard care info. on the Seattle Public Utilities Site.

Microbe Organics - A site that has great video of compost teas and also offers a dvd on microscopy of compost teas.

Tera Vita - Website with excellent information on humic acids

Mycorrhizal Applications - Dr. Mike Amaranthus' company that sells mycorrhizal fungi.

Fungi Perfecti - Paul Stamets company that sells mycorrhizal fungi and other fungi products.

Soil Food Web, Inc. - Great starting point for learning about the soil food web and actively aerated compost teas.


Compost Calculator - Klickitat County Compost Calculator for determining your carbon to nitrogen inputs when making thermal compost.

teaming with microbes

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